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The Red Vineyard by Vincent van Gogh
The Red Vineyard (75.0 x 93.0 cm) was painted November 4 1888 by Vincent van Gogh.
While painting Van Gogh was not standing in front of the Vineyard,
he painted it at the Yellow House
completely out of memory and imagination
the day after he walked through the nearby Wine plantation.
Van Gogh mentioned his intention to paint the Red Vineyard in a letter dated October 2 1888.

The Red Vineyard at Arles, c.1888
Vincent van Gogh
The Red VineyardPeach Blossoms in the Crau
Anna Boch owned 2 van Gogh paintings,
.... her brother Eugene several

Anna Boch
15 months later The Red Vineyard was exhibited in the 1890 The XX Art Expo in Brussels.
Anna Boch bought it for 400 Francs (about 1600 $ in todays values).

Different reasons might have been at the origine of the purchase:
She must have liked the beauty of the painting.
She wanted to show public support to Van Gogh, as his arrival at the XX Expo was very criticized.
She wanted to financially support him as she knew the artist was very poor
and last not least she might have wanted to please her
younger brother Eugene 
who was a friend of Vincent, if not a little more.
Eugen Boch painted by Vincent van Gogh

The purchase made Anna Boch enter the history books
as the Red Vinyard painting
is believed to be
the one and only
Van Gogh sold during his lifetime.

Villa La Grimpette
Anna Boch kept the painting in her beautiful house
in the rue de l´Abbaye in Brussels until 1906.

The painting was located in her "salon de musique" on the ground floor,
next to her most important Impressionist paintings like
the Gauguin, Seurat and Signac.

In the "salon de musique" she organised concerts, every monday,
with young musicians and singers she wanted to promote.
While listening to the music,
her guest were able to admire the beautiful van Gogh paintings.

Galerie Bernheim, Paris
In 1906 Anna Boch sold the Red Vineyard for 10,000 francs at the Galerie Bernheim,
25 Boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris.
The reason for her sale was not the need of the money.
(The money was reinvested in Signac paintings later donated to the Royal Museeums of Fine Arts in Brussels)
but the fact that she was intimidated by the talent of van Gogh.

In fact she thought that Vincent van Gogh´s paintings were so beautiful
that she was blocked in her own creativity and capacity to paint.

Sergei Shchukin
The Red Vineyard was bought in the same year
by the Russian textile business man,
Sergei Shchukin,
an important Collector of Impressionist and Post Impressionist Art.
The paintings of his collection decorated the walls of his home in
the Trubestkoy Palace.
The Sergei Shchukin's collection is comprised of
57 paintings by Picasso,
38 by Matisse, 16 Gauguins, 13 Monets, 8 Cezannes
as well as works by Renoir, Rousseau, Signac, and Toulouse-Lautrec.
As to van Gogh, Sergei Shchukin owned 4 paintings,
"the Red Vineyard", "the Night Cafe", "Portrait of Dr Rey" and XX.

Shchukin Mansion MoscowLarge Dining Room Shchukin MansionMusic Room Shchukin MansionShchukin Gallery
From 1906 until 1917, the Red Vineyard was in one of these "overloaded" halls of the Shchukin manison

Following the Russian revolution
Nov 18 1918, Vladimir Lenin signed a law to appropriate all of Shchukin´s paintings.
Sergei Shchukin was able to flee to Paris, where he lived for the rest of his life.
His house became the State Museum of Western Art.

In 1941 the painting was evacuated to Novosibirsk
as the Government of Russia wanted to protect it from
bombing during the War.

in 1948 Joseph Stalin closed the State Museum as he considered the building to be too bourgeois.
The paintings were randomly divided between the Puskin Museum in Moscow
and the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

Dr Therèse Thomas
In 1978 the Anna Boch expert
Dr Therèse Thomas had the opportunity to travel to Moscow
participating in an organised cultural program.
During this trip she "escaped" from the "official" program
and took a cap to the Puskin Museum
where she saw the painting
... but at the time it was strictly forbidden to take pictures.

The Red VineyardPushkin MuseumVan Gogh Room in the Pushkin MuseumRed Vineyard in the Pushikn Museum
The Red Vineyard was given by the Russian state to the Pushkin Museum
and it is located there still.

If the "Red Vineyard" should ever be sold,
(which is not likely to happen)
it might be
the world´s most expensive painting
as besides
it´s "Beauty"
it has the "Legend"
of being
the only painting,
Vincent van Gogh
probably the World´s most famous artist,
sold during his lifetime.

Mona Lisa by Leonardi da Vinci
The only other painting which,
if sold at the same auction (which is not likely to happen either)
might reach a higher price
is the also "legendary"
Mona Lisa by Leonardi da Vinci
today exhibited in the Louvre in

History of some van Gogh Paintings

The one and only painting sold during van Gogh´s life

The Red VineyardAnna Boch
The Red Vineyard was the only Painting van Gogh sold during his lifetime
for 400 Francs (around 1600 $ today) to Anna Boch.
Due to it´s Legend
the painting (if ever sold ... which is unlikely to happen)
might be the most expensive painting of the World
(after the Mona Lisa)

The biggest sales of van Gogh paintings

Portrait od Dr Gachet
Joseph Roulin
Self Portrait
Wheat Field
Mr Ryoei Saito
Mr Alan Bond
followed by
Getty Museum
Yasuda Life
Mr Steve Wynn
139 million $
101,3 million $ +
101,6 million $
94,9 million $
86 million $
77 million $
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:
year of sale:

Van Gogh painting given as a present

Eugene Boch by Vincent van GoghJohanna van Gogh BongerEugene Boch
The Portrait of Eugene Boch was given by Anna van Gogh Bonger
to Eugene Boch as a present in 1891.
In 1941 Eugene Boch donated the painting to the Louvre / Musee d´Orsay.