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Peach Blossoms in the Crau by Vincent van Gogh
The Peach Blossoms in the Crau (65.5 x 81.5 cm) was painted in april 1889 by Vincent van Gogh

The Red VineyardPeach Blossoms in the Crau
Anna Boch owned 2 van Gogh paintings,
.... her brother Eugene several
Peach Blossoms in the Crau, c.1889
Vincent van Gogh
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Anna BochVilla La Grimpette
Anna Boch bought the painting for 350 Francs (about 1400 $ today)
at the gallery Tanguy in Paris in 1891.
She kept it in her house in Ixelles near Brussels, 30 rue de l´Abbaye until 1910.
The painting was located in the Salle de Musique of the Villa Anna,
where Anna Boch used to give concerts
and liked to promote young unknown artists.
emplacement du tableau Vigne Rouge de Vincent van Gogh

In 1908 the painting was lend to Paul Cassier
who organised the expo Berlin Secession from March 5 to march 22.
It was one of the first expositions which promoted van Gogh in Germany.
The same expo also showed some Van Gogh Irises
now located at the Metropolitain Museum of Modern Art

Galerie Bernheim, Paris
In 1910 Anna Boch sold the painting at the galerie Bernheim,
25 Boulevard de la Madeleine in Paris.
The reason for her sale was not the need of the money
(which was reinvested in Signac paintings later donated to the Musees Nationaux de Beaux Arts de Belgique)
but the fact that she was intimidated by the beauty of the van Gogh paintings.
In fact she thought that the paintings were so beautiful
that they frustrated her and blocked her own creativity to paint.

Her brother Eugene Boch kept his van Gogh paintings.
In his will he donated his portrait to the Louvre.

we do not know where the painting was between 1906 and 1920
in case you do ... please contact us ...

Samuel Courtauld
The painting was bought in 1920 by the British business man and Art Collector,
Samuel Courtauld (1876-1947)
great nephew of the Textile magnat Samuel Courtauld.
In 1932 he founded the Courtauld Intitute of Art
donated his collection to the institute.

Courtauld Institute of ArtPeach Blossoms
The Peach Blossoms in the Crau are located in the Harry Neal Room in the Courtauld Institute of Art
in London.

have a look at the painting
(located right to the van Gogh self portrait with a badaged ear)